Your Partner in Bridging the Gap to Africa's Investment Opportunities

We understand the African market's immense potential coupled with its unique challenges and we are committed to guiding our clients through this intricate landscape with our in-depth understanding, rich experience, and innovative approach.

At WCA, we don't just provide information - we deliver a roadmap to success in the vibrant and rapidly growing markets of Africa.

Executive Summary:

What we can provide to your business:

  • Specialized advisory and research services tailored to single family offices in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Expertise in unlocking investment opportunities in the promising and complex African market.

  • A skilled team providing in-depth research, comprehensive analysis, and strategic advice.

  • Guided approach to navigate the unique challenges of the African market.

  • A roadmap to success in the rapidly growing African markets.


Our firm offers a range of advisory and research services to assist clients in exploring investment opportunities in the African market. Our services include:

  • Market Research:
    We conduct in-depth research on the African market, including analysis of economic trends, political developments, and social factors. This research provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the market and the opportunities available.

  • Investment Advisory:
    We provide expert advice on investment opportunities in the African market. This includes analysis of specific investment opportunities, due diligence, and risk assessments.

  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance:
    We help clients navigate the complex regulatory and legal environment in the African market. This includes advising on compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as managing risks associated with corruption and other legal challenges.

  • Strategic Planning:
    We assist clients in developing long-term strategies for investing in the African market. This includes identifying opportunities, assessing risks, and developing plans to maximize returns.

Our Process

  • 1

    Market opportunity:
    We start by taking a deep dive into the market opportunity. We assess the size, growth potential, and competition in the market, as well as any potential barriers to entry. This helps us identify the startups with the greatest potential for success.
  • 2

    Management team:
    We know that the management team is key to the success of any startup. That's why we evaluate the experience, expertise, and track record of the founders and key executives to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to build and grow the business.
  • 3

    We take a close look at the startup's financials, including its revenue and expense projections, cash flow, and burn rate. We evaluate the financial plan to ensure it supports the startup's growth plans and that the startup has a clear path to profitability.
  • 4

    Intellectual property:
    We evaluate the startup's patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other proprietary assets to determine their value and potential for generating revenue.
  • 5

    Product or service:
    Finally, we evaluate the startup's product or service, including its features, functionality, and competitive advantage. We look for evidence that the product or service has market fit, traction, and a clear path to adoption and revenue generation.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the startup's strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks, so they can make an informed decision about whether to invest. With our due diligence services, we help our clients embark on their investment adventure with confidence and clarity.

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